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The goal of this blog is to write down my journey towards financial independence. I want to lay out my progress, lay out my rational for buying which stock and my take on economic/financial topics. As someone living in Antwerp, Belgium I would also like to give a European perspective to dividend investing.

The goal is to achieve FI it before the age 45, I’m in my early thirties right now.  So it gives me around 15 years to achieve this dream. The first reason for trying to achieve FI is freedom, it means I don’t have to go to work. In other words it means no more annoying customers, no more ungrateful bosses, no more overtime, no more entering the nightmare when the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning, … . It will also allow me to spend more time on travel, art, … .

Secondly, I have noticed that most people don’t like their job. I would bet my savings that most employees would quit their job if they won the lottery.  A lot of senior colleagues are counting down the days until they are retired. I don’t want to be in a position where I’m counting down the days until I’m 70 years old. It’s a very unappealing prospect for me.

The third reason is I don’t believe in the Belgian pension system. It looks like a pyramid scheme, and all pyramid schemes implode, so I’m a firm believer that I will have to look after myself.

I plan to achieve this goal via dividend investing. I want to invest at least 350 Euros every month in quality dividend stocks. Because the transaction costs eat to much of return of investment, I generally speaking only buy one stock every month.

I hope you enjoy my blog and it inspires you to start investing too.

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